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2014 Summer Challenge Results

The results for the 2014 Summer Challenge for the 400pt Campaign Tournament on the Saturday and 300pt Classic Tournament on the Sunday.

2014 Infinity Autumn Challenge - Intro Weekender

This Challenge Series event is made up of an intro/training day followed by a tournament day.


Saturday - Intro/Training

This will be a day geared towards new players and people who want to learn more about the game and background. Details are still to be confirmed but events will include intro and advanced intro games, tactics and list-building advice. There will also be plenty of tables set up for open gaming.

If 3rd edition is out there will be special sessions to help 2nd edition players learn about the changes between editions.


Sunday - Tournament Day

Details to be confirmed but it may involve two side-by-side tournaments - one for experienced players and one for new players and players with a low ITS tournament score.


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Terrain House Rules


A SKUed view of the world

In our business we started using SKUs (stock keeping units) very early on. Mostly for my benefit because the difference between "Games Workshop Plastic Dwarf Warriors on Sprue" and "Games Workshop Plastic Ork Warriors on Sprue" is too subtle to quickly compute. My only other excuse is that I love numbers. They are so clear, appealing and often well rounded ;-) 

Epic in the Offing

In the last couple of weeks I have sorted through hundreds and hundreds of Epic models. You could say it was an epic sort. (Ouch, ouch, stop that, Lele.) To be honest, sorting Epic can be a bit of a challenge due to the discrepancy between size of the models and the accuracy of my eyesight. But it's now all sitting there in little tubs waiting to be photographed.

This is the next bit of fun, taking 3 minutes to line up 65 bases for one photo and then repeat that a hundred times...


Death Guard Update & Status Sheet

I tend to run a lot of 'multi-wound' war machines in my Epic Death Guard forces so decided to do a war machine status sheet to keep track of damage, void shields and blast markers on multiple gribblies at once. As this required a photo-shoot to have photos of the actual units on the sheet, I took the opportunity to do a group shot of all the painted models.

So, group shot!

Status sheet:

TANSTAAFP - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Postage

There's no 'Free Postage' like there's no 'Free Lunch'
For a while now eBay has been pushing sellers to offer 'Free Postage'. Well actually, they are encouraging sellers to integrate the postage & packaging costs into the item price. So postage is still not free, it has just become a hidden charge.

Yes, we as a seller could just add £3 to each item we sell and only charge an additional P&P fee to international customers. But we see a few problems with this concept. 

MAS Alien Objective, Death Guard Status Sheet

I've not had much time for painting Epic models recently but thanks to a bout of insomnia managed to paint up one of Micro Art Studio's alien objectives (available online here, hint hint ;-) ).

Having previously noted it's scale-less nature I'd based it to match my Epic Death Guard force on a ply base with Vallejo Sandy Paste for texture.

To give very vibrant colours but plenty of depth in tone and variation of colour I started with a white undercoat over grey and worked down from the palest areas with multiple layers of washes, glazes and thinned paint. This let me add lots of different colours while working down into the shadows, making it a very satisfying model to work on. The pink areas then got a little bit of edge highlighting at the end. Overall I used something like twenty different paints/glazes/inks on this!

Here it is with a Nomad Moderator.

From Warhammer Widow to Warhammer Trader

When I met Ian he was big into wargaming, roleplaying and Magic cards. So from the day go he played two, three times per week and I mostly entertained myself or worked :( If there was an event he would be away for a couple of days and engrossed for quite a while in advance. Well, I got used to that.

Cherry Trees, Planters & Pipes

In preparation for the local Legionary convention at the weekend I managed to get some scatter terrain done.

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