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Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.3.1 vs Ork Speed Freaks


For assorted reasons I'm now Army Champion for the NetEA Epic Death Guard army. DG 0.3 development thread

As part of this I'm keeping a closer track on what happens in my Epic games. Here's the first full batrep.

Deployed armies, first table end.Deployed armies, first table end.

Deployed armies, fortification end.Deployed armies, fortification end.


My list:

2016 Winter Challenge - Winter Has Come

The 2016 Winter Challenge


Welcome to the first of the 2016 UK Masters qualifiers!

Saturday will be the first qualifying heat, with the highest-placing players going through the final in Birmingham in September.

Sunday will be a relaxed 150pt Doubles event with new players paired with experienced players, and prizes for silly stuff!


Unfortunately this will be my last tournament as sole TO for the foreseeable future, however organisation of future Challenge Series events will be taken over by the Exeter Inquisition club committee. The Challenge Series is dead, long live the Challenge Series!


2015 Infinity Autumn Challenge (CANCELLED)

The 2015 Autumn Challenge - Danger Zone


Newsflash - the Autumn Challenge has been cancelled.


Recent Purchases (Salute and Legionary)

Between Salute and then the local Legionary show in Exeter, I picked up a few new bits and pieces, mostly for use with my Epic Death Guard.

First up, some demons from Magister Militum, for use as Bloodletters:

2015 Spring Challenge Results


Results and photos for the 2015 Spring Challenge.

Best painted, Spears' Tohaa:

More painted armies here.

Death Guard v Iyanden Batrep

This was a 3000 point Epic Armageddon game between my development-stage NetEA Death Guard and Richard D's Epic-UK Iyanden force.

Epic Blight Drones Tutorial

One issue with Epic being a 'dead' game in terms of support from the parent company is that when new units get added to 40k and ported across to Epic it can be hard finding a suitable model.

As a Nurgle player, Blight Drones are a particularly tricky one for this. However, I've found a relatively easy kitbash:


Infinity Weapon Ranges Chart

Death Guard 2015

I've recently got back into Epic Armageddon in a sizeable way - having decided to go to the Counterattack tournament in Bath last weekend I got in a few practice games and managed to come fourth out of twenty! I've also been digging around on the net to see what new variant lists there are around and came across a new experimental version of the NetEA Death Guard list. On Tuesday I got in a test game against Richard at the club, using an Iyanden Eldar list. Long story short, formations of Plague Towers (here proxied with a couple of Capitol Imperialis models) are freaking terrifying.


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